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Towards Sustainable Development
Bridging the gap between research and practice

CARD is a nonprofit NGO based in Beirut, Lebanon. CARD was founded in 2008 by a group of scholars and practitioners with the aim of bridging the gap between research and practice in human sustainable development in the Middle East. CARD activities include advancing scientific knowledge, disseminating research findings, advocating policies, conducting training, and providing consultancies. CARD has a global interdisciplinary core group of researchers and practitioners specialized in social, educational, and human rights development in the Middle East.

● Advance knowledge: To produce, exchange, and expand scientific knowledge.
● Disseminate knowledge: To disseminate scientific findings through different forums and media.
● Advocate
: To advocate for policy reform in the region.
● Advise: To provide technical support to organizations working in the fields of human rights, education, and democracy and governance.
● Train: To train scholars, professionals and practitioners in sustainable development.
● Network: To build an interdisciplinary network of academicians and practitioners active in the domains of human rights, education, and social development.

To attain region wide sustainable development based on interdisciplinary and applied research, capacity building, advocacy, and community empowerment.